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Most personal websites mirror a singular line of thought. Doom and gloom is the future. A vast conspiracy is currently in the works and all are being led astray. They will line up their reasons sometimes in an easy to read method

  • like this
  • in bullets
  • or others will drone on and on in a barrage of text too dense and thick for the common man to consume in one sitting. Either way the result is usually the same. One's mind will be jumbled and scattered without a concrete footing to stand. You will wonder if you were just better off finishing a few episodes of whatever you were watching on Netflixs. Then you'll remember that you got bored of what you were watching and needed a break. If on the off chance you can digest what is said then that acticle will most certainly have instances of belief without proofs. It will have you accept certain conditions as if they were true. Now faith is hard to come by these days so that will not do. Stay tuned sheeple I have an antidope for this and shall disperse it at my leasure.

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